Anytek A50 Dash Cam 2.45" LCD Screen Built in Wifi & GPS Logger, 24H Monitor Max Support 32GB Memory Card

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Anytek A50 Dash Cam 2.45" LCD Screen Built in Wifi & GPS Logger, 24H Monitor Max Support 64GB Memory Card
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Anytek A50 Dash Cam 2.45" LCD Screen Built in Wifi & GPS Logger, 24H Monitor Max Support 64GB Memory Card




 VisionBank App Download



◆  WIFI function

A. opens the WIFI function in the set function of the mobile phone, enters the connection setting interface, searches for the name of the machine: Dash Cam..., the original password  of the machine is 12345678.

B, open “ VisionBank APP” , click on the link to take pictures and video.

◆  Simple fault checking and solution

Warm tips: This system support 32G Micro SD card in Max.

To ensure the normal use of the video,  it  is recommended to choose branded memory CARDS, such as Kingston, samsung, etc. Because the record system constantly reading and writing data, it is suggested to use the Class 10 high-speed multiple CARDS. Don’t plug TF card when system on, in order to avoid the damage of the memory card.

1.Not boot after the car started:Please check whether the wire normally electricity.

2.Can't recording video & audio normally:Please check whether the card is properly installed; Any problem , replace, format TF card or change a new card.

3.Appear abnormal phenomenon such as crashing Press “RESET” and turn on.

4.Video Blur Ensure the camera lens is clean. Wipe off the dust and dirt on the lens, then shoot.

Power supply mode

1. Connect to power in vehicle by 5v 2A car charger in standard accessories.

2.Connect to computer or portable power by usb cable.

Memory cardTF

Before initial use, insert a micro SD card(4 GB to 32GB),the card should be high speed SD card with high quality (Generally Class 10 or above).

Insert Micro SD card

When you insert your card into the micro SD slot you will hear a ‘click’ sound that means the SD  card  insert  correctly.

To remove the card, press the card lightly, it will eject partially allowing you pull the card out.


1.Turn DVR off before inserting or removing the Micro SD card.

2.If you don't read the TF card machine, please replace a  TF card or format the card on the computer and insert again.

Adjust the position of the lens and fixed

1.The device is a stickup hidden type car black box, Can be fixed at a suitable place by 3M sticker.

2.The lens can rotate 90 degrees in leval , in order to coordinate with the fixed  position  of  the device,achieve better shooting effect.

● Photo mode

1. Long press “Mode” button enter into photo mode, will be displayed in the upper left corner.

2.Aim the camera to the target items, hold the device evenly, press "OK" button, a " cut" sound voice, then the machine made a photo shoot.

3.In photo mode press “Menu” button to set.


● Playback mode

1.Browes files

Press the Menu button twice under the video mode, the files you have taken will show on the display. press "Up" or "Down" key to select files, press "OK" button to confirm play. The files playback at different document type respectively, when the file type is video, only play the video file, when file type is image, press “OK” button to play and browse.


2.Delete and protect

Under this mode, press Menu button you can choose to delete or protect the file. Press OK to choose ”Delete the current ”or ”Delete all”, then press OK to choose and confirm. If the files be locked, they can’t be deleted before unlock the files, in order to protect important files.


● Shortcut application

1. In standby state, long press “Up” button a key into WIFI mode.

2. In standby state, long press “Down” button a key into TV mode.


● Read record files

The device support read directly by USB, connect the  device to the computer with a USB cable, read the recorded video files, or remove the TF card, using the card reader reads the files.


Video display

1.When the device turn on, connect it to computer with USB cable , the device will enter to read disk mode, choose storage to connect with computer, display video by HD  video player software.

2.When the device turn off, take out TF card, read it by a card reader , the computer will read U disk, choose the files and display by HD video player software.


Files replaying

The files in the card can be replayed on the computer by connecting it to the computer using USB cable.

◆  Install APP

For Android system

1.Open the “Google Play” to download and install “Vision Bank” application for IOS system Open APP Store to download and install “VisionBank”.


◆  Specifications

Lens: 170 degree wide lens


English/Portuguese/Russian/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/French


Video format: MOV

Photo format: JPEG

LCD: 2.45inch 480*272

Lens: 6G A+ wide angle filter lens

Sensor: IMX322

Memory card: Micro TF

Memory Max: 32GB

Microphone/ Speaker: Built in

DC in: 5v 2A


Note: specifications may vary upgrades, updates and other reasons to change, to prevail in kind.



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Q: Dear soocoo i bought an s100 pro 1 week ago, if i would buy another battery how i can do? Because the recording Time in 2k it not so mouch only 35 minut Keep in touch Best reguard


Hi there. Pls buy it from our official website thanks.

Q: My New Soocoo S200 Camera shows NO DIFFERENCE in anti shake when I turn Gyroscope ON. I have seen demos of other Soocoo Action cameras with good Gyro Stabilization, but not mine. Very disappointed! I have Firmware Ver 20180305 V2.0. Is there some newer Firmware to help this?


Hi there, sorry that the gyro function of S200 can't meet your needs. The latest firmware has released. Downloading from here "". Thanks.

Q: Some cameras with the loop recording mode allow you to mark the current loop for saving (by button press or remote control). This makes editing quicker. Can you do this on this camera or any Soocoo camera?


Hi there. Sorry we do not have that function of SOOCOO cameras. thanks.

Q: hello can I get the manual for the s100pro. Thanks


Hi there, provide your email address to us, I will send PDF to you. Thanks.

Q: S100 Pro new firmware missing car mode ! and pls add function to change wifi name and password. Tks.


Hi there. Pls go to our official website to download the updated version of S100PRO firmware, , 20170928V2.0 is the updated firmware version. And it will fix all the problems that you mentioned. thanks.

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