How to use the wifi control of S100Pro action camera?

Step 1: Scan the QR code on the user manual and download the "SOOCOO ZONE" app, we have 3 QR
code, one is for Android, one is for Google Play and the other one is for IOS, pls just find the correct
one to download. Or you may just go to our Amazon page to find the image with QR code to
download the APP.



Step 2: Long press the MODE button for 3 seconds to turn on the action camera, turn on the voice control and then use the voice command "WIFI ON", pls speak loudly and it will turn on the WIFI. Or you may just long press the left side WIFI button to turn on the WIFI. There's a yellow indicator lights up and flashing which is on the top of the camera when the WIFI turns on. And then the screen display these informatinon below:
AP mode
SSID´╝ÜSOOCOOCAM+MAC (NOTE: different model, different MAC)
PWA2: 12345678
Refresh     WIFI_OFF



Step 3: There's a WIFI logo on the left bottom corner on the screen when WIFI turns on successfully.


Step 4: Go to your phone's wifi setting to connect with the action camera wifi SSID: SOOCOOCAM
+MAC, enter the password "12345678". Then it will be connected successfully.

Step 5: So now you can easily control the action camera whatever take photos or shot videos and
also manage the photos & videos on your phone. Share your photos and videos instantly via your
phone at any time any place.




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S100Pro action camera WIFI control function.

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