Loop Recording's options are Off, 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes and 10 Minutes.
'Off' is no loop recording while the other options are the length of each video segment when loop
recording is turned on, and will overwrite the oldest files when the card gets full.

How to operate the Loop Recording function of S100Pro action camera?

Step 1: Long press the MODE button for 3 seconds to turn on the action camera which is beside the
lens there.



Step 2: Touch the SETTING logo on the left bottom corner on the screen to enter into setting, find the
Loop Recording and choose the mode you want, Off/ 3mins/ 5mins/ 10mins.




Step 4: When selected well, pls exit from the menu by touching the left bottom corner CROSS logo to
enter into the recording mode, start the video by touching the RED button on the right of the screen.
(Plas Note: When turn on the loop recording, the action camera will autoatically cover the oldest file
when the memeory card fills up.)



Step 5: To stop the video by touching the RED button again.

Step 6: To see the playback video, pls press the MODE button for twice and enter into the playback
mode and view the videos.( Swipe left and right to see the previous and the nexts.)



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S100Pro action camera Time-Lapse Record function.

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