SOOCOO S200 Light Painting function experience

Light painting in the action camera is a novel and unique function, suitable for nighttime dark light environment, using the camera's long exposure to shoot the light source movement trajectory, you can take a very unique and dazzling picture.

In the SOOCOO S200, simply select the scene from the setting option in camera mode to Light Painting, you do not need to set any complex parameters such as the shutter, aperture, ISO, etc.

Usually this work requires two people to cooperate, one is responsible for waving the light source under the dark light to draw any graphics, and another one is responsible for taking picture.

However, if there is only one person using the SOOCOO S200 can also complete a simple light painting picture, you just need to exert the imagination, press the shutter and wave the action camera in the dark light evironment with your idea. Just try it!