Storage standards: MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC memory card.

Support 8BG to 64GB capacity memory card. 

In order to ensure you to take good quality of 4K video, please use our recommended local memory cards as below.

64GB-Transcend Ultimate 633 x U3                   64GB-Sandisk Extreme U3                             64GB-Sandisk Extreme PRO U3

64GB-Lexar 1000 x U3                                       64GB-SONY SR-64UX U3                              64GB-Sandisk Extreme PLUS U3

64GB-Sandisk Extreme Pro U3 V30                   64GB-Sandisk Extreme U3 V30                      32GB-Sandisk Extreme U3 V30 


Note: If your camera can not recognize the sd card and showed "PLEASE INSERT THE SD CARD", there are two ways to settle this problem.

Method 1. Please go to the camera setting and find the format setting to format your SD card on the camera before your first using.

Method 2. If it is still no use to do the method 1, please go to our official website to upgrade the firmware, It will be ok after upgraded the firmware.



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